Three Next Steps When You Need Emergency Plumbing

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Few household nuisances are as stressful as plumbing emergencies. When they strike, a quick response can mean the difference between an inconvenience and a full-fledged fiasco.

Three Next Steps When You Need Emergency Plumbing

Here are three next steps when you need emergency plumbing:

  1. Shut off the water. This is a crucial step that homeowners can forget about in an emergency. Whether you have a major leak, a burst pipe, or an overflowing toilet, shutting off the water supply should be your first response. Forgetting this step will almost definitely lead to more damage, not to mention a painful water bill. Be sure you know where your home’s main water valve is located so you can act fast in a plumbing emergency.
  2. Contact an emergency plumber. Time is of the essence during a plumbing emergency, so have a trusted emergency plumbing company’s contact information handy in case of a crisis. Know that your contact is trustworthy, reputable, and reachable so you can be sure you get the help you need. They may be able to guide you over the phone on a few next steps you can take to mitigate further damage until they can arrive.
  3. Do your best to contain and document the emergency. While you wait for emergency plumbing services, consider what you can do to contain the problem. Notice if excess water is around any electrical wiring or outlets and prioritize avoiding electrical issues. Move other items at risk of damage and do what you can to mop up excess water. Go ahead and take pictures to document the event to help plumbers assess the problem in addition to potential insurance purposes.

Plumbing emergencies are stressful for any homeowner. By following these three steps, you can know you are doing everything you can to contain your plumbing emergency and ensure it is properly and efficiently handled.