3 Signs You Need Faucet Repair

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3 Signs You Need Faucet RepairAll plumbing fixtures receive frequent use, but your faucets get used more than many others. Because you rely on your faucets so much, it can throw a wrench into your routine if any of them stop working properly. Fortunately, if you need faucet repair services, you can turn to our team at Metro Plumbing to get a prompt response and great results.

In this article, we’ll go over three signs indicating you need faucet repairs.

  • Dripping – When faucets are in good repair, no water should flow when the tap is closed. If your faucet drips, even when not in use, then we encourage you to give us a call to schedule faucet repair services. Even a slow drip wastes a significant amount of water, and failing to address minor leaks like this leaves you vulnerable to more severe water damage down the road.
  • Other Leaks – The most common place for a faucet to develop a leak is at the spout, but faucets can also leak from other places. For example, you might start to see water seeping out from under the handles when you turn the taps on, or you might find that items under your sink have become damp due to a leak from the pipe above. If your faucet is leaking from any place, schedule faucet repair right away.
  • Rust and Calcium – Lastly, you should reach out to our faucet repair technicians if you notice rust or calcium buildup around your faucet. Rust indicates parts of your faucet are oxidizing, while calcium deposits are caused by hard water. Both can cause problems if left unaddressed, so you should have our experts take a look as soon as possible.